What is an acceptable operating temperature in a typical hydraulic system?

Ideally hydraulic systems should operate between 110°F –130°F (43°C – 54°C). Hydraulic fluid temperatures above 180°F (82°C) damage most seal compounds and accelerate degradation of the oil. While the operation of any hydraulic system at temperatures above 180°F should be avoided, fluid temperature is too high when viscosity falls below the optimum value for the hydraulic system’s components. This can occur well below 180°F, depending on the fluid’s viscosity grade. Remember that operating at continuously high temperatures accelerates the breakdown of fluid and additives. Laboratory fluid testing and analysis should be an integral part of any preventative maintenance program.

Do you have WSIB?

Yes, all divisions of The Matcom Group are register with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. The Matcom Group takes great pride in participating with WSIB to attain and maintain a zero lost time injury status.

Can you give me a quote to move a machine 45 km?

Yes, but it is not as simple as picking a number from a catalogue of previous jobs and giving it to you. Matcom has always felt that it is important to have a relationship and partnership with our clients. We do not want to give you an inaccurate quote because we didn’t come and see the machine, and have you pay for it in extras later. A Matcom project manager, specialized in your equipment will come and work with you to establish an accurate budget and time frame for the job.

Can you move my plant from Ontario to Mexico?

Matcom is always sorry to see a plant leave Ontario but certainly we can work with you to help you have a trouble-free plant move anywhere in the world, within the timeframe and budget set. A Matcom project manager will become a partner to you and help you from the beginning to end with the move ahead to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to make key decisions as to when and how to do the move. Contact Matcom for our 12 step plant move guide which can help you with timelines and requirements when beginning the planning of your move. The experience of Matcom’s staff is crucial when making an out-of-country plant move.

Why do I have to filter new oil before adding it to my system?

New hydraulic oil is not clean, and often does not meet minimum specifications for ISO cleanliness requirements for hydraulic pump and valve manufacturers. Oil blenders do filter the oil, but it becomes contaminated by the transfer to trucks and to barrels. It is therefore advisable to filter the oil before filling or topping up your systems.

What is your availability and capacity for Warehousing?

For the second part of the question regarding capacity the answer is easy. Thanks to our in-house rail line and heavy lifting equipment and expertise, we can handle anything that you need stored, whether coming by rail or truck. The first part of this question is a more difficult one to answer as our warehouse scenery is changing everyday, which means availability changes with it. However, no matter the requirements you have, we will find a solution for your storage needs. Our employees always enjoy a challenge and are willing to go the extra mile to help our customers find a satisfactory solution.

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