Industrial Pumps

Matcom® supplies a wide variety of pumps to the industrial marketplace. From replacing pumps within your machinery or providing repairs to malfunctioning pumps, our team is well equipped to handle your needs quickly and efficiently.

Pump Repairs

With 38 years of experience in the industry, Matcom® has worked on a countless number of pumps and is familiar with all major brands. When pumps malfunction, we are quick to identify the issue and diagnose the problem. If it is possible to make the repair on the spot at your facility, we will do so. For larger repairs, we perform the necessary work at our shop and promptly return the repaired pump to your location.

Sales, Sourcing and Supplying

When you choose Matcom®, you benefit from our many established relationships with pump manufacturers in the marketplace. This means that whenever the need arises, we’re able to source the necessary pumps and parts quickly and at fair prices. We then promptly perform the repair or replacement so your company can return to its full-scale, daily operations sooner rather than later.

High Quality, Multipurpose Pumps

Although we have the ability to source any pump from any manufacturer, the pumps that Matcom® keeps in stock are of the highest quality and can be used to pump all kinds of materials. This gives you the product reliability you need, and the flexibility to use the pump in whatever capacity is required.


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