Lubrication Systems

In order to ensure optimal performance, it’s critical that your industrial machines stay lubricated. Whether your machines are already fully equipped with lubrication systems or you need Matcom® to design and install an automated component, we provide an end-to-end service to meet your demands.

Convenient, Safe and Automatic

Problems can easily arise as a result of infrequent or improper lubrication. Industrial machinery lubrication systems are designed to automatically lubricate all necessary elements at specific time intervals. This eliminates any need for manual lubrication and helps to prevent unnecessary repairs in the future. Well-designed lubrication systems also uphold the highest level of safety, since workers no longer need to manually lubricate in areas that may prove to be hazardous.

Maintenance and Servicing

For machines already equipped with quality lubrication systems, Matcom® can provide servicing upon request to repair any malfunctioning parts or elements. In the event that part replacements are required, we have relationships with all the major brands and can source parts quickly and at competitive prices.

Custom Lubrication System Design and Installation

Should you require a lubrication system for an existing machine on your floor, Matcom® can provide a full evaluation of your equipment. Our custom designed configurations hit all important points at the exact time intervals necessary to keep your machinery well lubricated and functioning properly.






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