Hydraulic & Pumps Services

From pump replacement and lubrication needs to complete hydraulic services and engineered system solutions, Matcom®’s hydraulic and pump team is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced.

Supply, Installation & Service


Matcom® has been supplying its customers with the most advanced pumps on the market for 38 years. Not only do we provide assistance when it comes to determining the best product to meet your needs, but we also install and service your pumps to ensure proper maintenance and lubrication.

Troubleshooting & Repairs

Be it for pumps, cylinders, servo/proportional valves or motors, Matcom® can troubleshoot right on the spot. All repairs are completed in-house at our comprehensive testing facility to ensure that we accurately diagnose the issue, complete the repair and then thoroughly test the equipment to confirm that it functions optimally once again.

Sourcing New Parts for Upgrades


If the time has come for you to modernize some of your production equipment, Matcom® can make specific recommendations and can help you source the necessary pumps, parts and fluid power components to meet even the most demanding hydraulic applications. Working diligently and efficiently, we minimize downtime and maintain your productivity levels so you’re not forced to deal with preventable losses. In the end, your facility will benefit from a new system that works behind the scenes to keep you competitive in the marketplace.

Custom Manufacturing & Rebuilding

Depending on the needs of your facility, you may require custom manufacturing services or equipment rebuilding. Matcom® can manufacture according to your exact requirements for hydraulic and pneumatic large bore cylinders, hydraulic hosing and piping. For all design, build and rebuild projects, we provide you with a complete solution, from initial planning right through to final installation and testing.