Machinery Moving

Be it a single machine or a complete line, within your plant or from across the globe, specialized industrial machinery moving is at the very core of Matcom®’s business.

Machinery Moving With Minimal Interruption to Your Daily Operations

Whether you’re moving your operation to another geographic location or upgrading to a larger facility, Matcom® understands that business must go on. We work to create a detailed plan and schedule that not only suit the demands of your current business operation but that also meet your relocation timeline.

Machinery Moving - The Matcom Group

High Safety Standards

Large or small, industrial machinery moving projects tend to be complex in nature given the intricacies of the task at hand. Careful consideration must be given to how the machines are disassembled, lifted, transported and reassembled to ensure function is not lost and damages do not occur.

Millwrighting and Rigging

Our qualified, experienced millwrighting and rigging trades professionals have the necessary expertise to complete a wide range of industrial equipment relocations, from disassembly and hoisting to new placement, reassembly and levelling. Their skills combined with our fleet of specialized equipment are what make it possible for Matcom® to handle even the most complex machinery moving requirements.

Millwrighting & Rigging - The Matcom Group


While our millwrighting and rigging team handles the disassembly, lifting and reassembly of your industrial machinery, our transportation team handles the safe and secure shipment of your equipment from one location to another. Each of the trucks in our fleet is run by a licensed heavy machinery operator and is equipped with appropriate safety apparatus, tarps, tie-downs and multiple permits as needed.