Safety Audits & Compliance

Safety and compliancy are critical factors in the successful operation of any plant or factory. You are responsible for following strict regulations and all industrial machinery must be up to code in order to ensure that your plant is never shut down or locked out.

Safety Compliance – Right When You Need It

Matcom® has the personnel, knowledge and experience to get you to a fully compliant state – immediately. When a machine is locked out, you’re losing revenue by the second and Matcom®’s team understands the urgency of the situation. Working efficiently and diligently, we minimize your downtime so you can resume operations as quickly as possible.

Involve Us from the Beginning

Ideally, Matcom® is a company you engage from the start. Making sure you have a safety audit and compliance team on your side is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. The best time is prior to industrial equipment setup, upgrade or reconfiguration. Our certified experts consult with you to handle any PSR issues. We train your operators and maintenance personnel to ensure that your equipment meets all CSA, OSHA, ANSI, NFPA and international standards. By taking a proactive approach to your safety and compliance responsibilities, you can avoid undue disruption to your daily production schedule.

Over and above machine guarding and ESA approvals, Matcom® checks for compliancy with the Ministry of Labour and CSA, and makes sure your facility meets all OHSA Section 7 standards.

Auditing Services

Safety Audits are a necessary requirement of the modern workplace. To that end, Matcom® can provide you with a “full service” or “targeted” approach to meet your specific needs. We have experts to help you prepare for every aspect of an audit including education, assessment, recommendations and change implementations.  Matcom®’s specialists work with your staff members throughout the entire process.