Major Projects

For large-scale installation projects such as production lines, robotic cells or entire plants, Matcom® deploys a dedicated team that works cohesively to ensure a smooth and successful process from beginning to end.

Managing all the Moving Pieces


Major industrial machinery projects call for in-depth planning, designing, budgeting and scheduling. Prior to project commencement a detailed strategy must be in place and once the project has begun, you need a team of professionals to ensure that it is strictly followed. Matcom®’s project managers are thoroughly trained and highly experienced, working hard to ensure that your project moves at the correct pace and exactly according to spec.

Always Adhering to Safety


At Matcom®, safety always comes first and major projects are no different. Given the level of complexity, major projects call for an even greater emphasis on safety and Matcom® leaves no room for error. Our comprehensive safety policy addresses the people, processes and equipment we use, and our project managers enforce and honour this policy without exception.

Organizing Trades Professionals


In major project installations, the expertise of numerous certified trades professionals is usually required. Matcom®’s major projects team organizes, informs, coordinates and delegates specific tasks to the right individuals at the right time. Timelines are properly communicated and responsibilities correctly explained to ensure that every professional working on your project knows his or her role and the exact timeframe within which the work must be complete.

Minimizing Your Burden

By fully managing your major project installation on your behalf, Matcom® lets you focus on running your business and dealing with the internal implications of such a large-scale project. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to ensure that no matter how complicated, your project runs smoothly, without worry, trouble or hassle to you and your staff members.