Warehousing & Logistics

Matcom® owns and operates a large specialized machinery warehouse that is used to store industrial equipment. Whether you are an overseas OEM in need of equipment sales facilitations here in Canada, or your company is in the midst of a large-scale industrial project and you simply cannot manage your machinery singlehandedly, Matcom®’s warehousing and logistics department is fully equipped to give you the support you require.

Long Term or Short Term Warehouse Storage

With over 150,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor storage space available, Matcom® is equipped to provide secure warehousing services for both short term and long term contracts. By outsourcing your warehousing to us, you’re able to save on costs and entrust your storage needs to a team that specializes in the area.

JIT Deliveries

When you choose Matcom® as your logistics expert, you benefit from working with a company that has the capacity and the flexibility to cater its services to meet the exact demands of your business. Be it to your customers, a construction site or a new location, our logistics team delivers your industrial machinery when you need it, where you need it.

Safe and Professional Machinery Handling

Our warehouse is outfitted with specialized tools and equipment to ensure proper handling of all industrial machinery that arrives and leaves our facility. With a dedicated team of millwrighting and rigging experts on staff, we have the ability to accept new equipment arrivals and prepare machinery for shipment out of our warehouse. Following the highest safety standards and adhering to the strictest rules of industrial machinery handling, Matcom® protects your equipment and always handles it with care.